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New Story Media is an award winning marketing agency. Were here to help you grow and thrive.

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Local Video Marketing puts your video in front of the right people, not just any people. Not only do we deliver your video to qualified leads, we also track important information such as who's watching, how much they're watching, where they're located, and if they follow through with your call to action.

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We believe a well told story can set the world on fire. It’s the most powerful way to communicate an idea, and helps you build relationships with your clients. That’s why our goal is learn your story and relate it in a compelling way. Our stories guide your audience to take your desired action.

What type of Video Production do you need?

The story of how a small business came to be through the perspective of one of the founders.

This is the story of a brand and what it represents, through the perspective of the personified brand itself.

This is the story of a customer who has experienced exceptional results from using a company's product or service.

Craft a story that promotes a service being offered by a business. For example, a real estate agent or massage therapist.

Explain what a product does and who it's for, while embracing story as much as possible.

The standard corporate training video with a focus on a clear plot to facilitate the training.

The standard product explainer video that leads with product benefits and features, rather than story, to communicate what it does and who it's for.

Craft a story that promotes a product through the perspective of the personified product, itself.

This budget-minded video marketing package is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to target their audience online in a specific geographic location.

Capture the story of one of the most important days of your life. We love to tell the story of two people coming together as husband and wife.

Property Films are a video marketing solution for the Luxury/Farm and Ranch Real Estate Industry. With a Property Film, you receive a  complete turnkey package that includes a branded content  marketing video about  your listed property as well as one month of video analytics to see who is watching your film and where they are located.

Multi-camera video production for your event. Not only can we cover your event but we can also live stream it to your internet audience. This is ideal for:
• conferences
• keynote presentations
• press launches
• technology launches
• sporting events
• live music event
• weddings
• award ceremonies
• workshops
• fashion show
• trade shows

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Targeted Video Marketing puts your video in front of the right people, not just any people. By combining video analytics with your marketing video, you track important information such as who’s watching, how much they are watching, where they’re located, and if they followed through with your call to action. Targeted Video Marketing leads your audience through your sales process saving your team time and money.Targeted Video Marketing is available in your local area now. Take advantage of the new way to market with your own campaign today!

Which video marketing package are you interested in? *

15 Sec is ideal for the budget minded marketer. 
30 Sec is ideal for the marketer that wants maximum engagement and impact

We work with you to craft a story that meets your goals and objectives.

What sort of website are you looking for?

Have you considered working with someone to relieve your team from the burden of social media marketing? New Story Media partners with your business to manage your social media presence, create content, and drive your audience through your sales process.

Digital Marketing Management services include: optimizing platforms, creating & curating content, creating simple graphics, developing a content calendar, posting content, monitoring platforms & engaging with followers, growing accounts, weekly posts to all strategic social media networks. 

• Analysis of Current Social Media Presence 

• Target Market Analysis 

• Social Media Platform Selection (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube) 

• Social Media Plan Development 

• Content Creation (Original and Curated) 

• Brand Development 

• Social Media Marketing 

• Campaign Strategy and Analytics 

• Social Media Engagement with Customers/Fans 

• Partnership Development 

• Funnel Strategy Development

Which Digital Marketing Management package are you interested in? *

All packages are contract free.
* One-time onboarding fee will apply.
* Media Buys can be added to any package

We work with you to create a strategic video marketing campaign that guides your audience through your sales process. This involves Creative Concept, Video Production and Targeted Video Marketing. Having video content for the various stages of your funnel helps your audience engage in your message. We then launch and manage a targeted video marketing campaign that guides your audience to your landing page (or one we design for you) From Interest, through Learning, Evaluate, Justify, all the way to Purchase, we use video to move your audience through your sales funnel.

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Who is your target audience? Age? Income? Geographic area? Ethnicity? Gender? Interests? etc

We would love to help you with your project. Let us know a few more details and we will take it from here.

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